Pratik Nalage

Pratik Nalage

Software Developer
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  • Home Town Mumbai, India
  • Birthday 26 March, 1998
  • Current Location Mumbai, India

About Pratik Nalage

Pratik is a software developer, a machine learning enthusiast, and a DevOps engineer from Mumbai, India, having 2+ years of industry experience as a backend developer. He enjoys solving complex problems by breaking them down into smaller chunks as I sip my coffee.

Currently, employed at BrowserStack as a Software Engineer, where he builds scalable cross-platform applications. Pratik's chief responsibility includes creating scalable solutions for effortless handling of the desktop infrastructure, adding new OS versions and browser releases to the existing infrastructure, automating the terminal administration (consists of 3000+ Macs, 750+ ESXIs, 6000+ Windows VMs), advancing the deployment quality & speed, and functioning with the internal products team for new releases.

While at BrowserStack, Pratik has written production-level code in languages like Python, Ruby, Java, C++, JavaScript, and Bash. He's also familiar with frameworks like Rails, Flutter, Flask, MVC, Selenium, and gRPC. In addition to this, he worked with databases like MySQL, MongoDB, BigQuery, SQLite, and InfluxDB as well as tried hands-on AWS and GCP while carrying out a POC on shifting the desktop team infrastructure to the cloud.

On the personal front, Pratik is a very open-minded, adaptable, and outgoing person. He usually likes to explore new food places, go on adventures, or binge-watch Netflix. Sometimes, he cooks various continental dishes and plays video games, cricket, or ping pong.

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