Pratik Nalage

Pratik Nalage

Software Developer
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  • Home Town Mumbai, MH, India
  • Birthday 26 March, 1998
  • Current Location Blacksburg, VA, United States


Education Education

Virginia Tech
Aug 2021 — Present

Degree: Master's program
Major: Computer Science
Relevant Coursework: Data Analytics, Web Development, Theory of Algorithms, and Software Engineering.

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Degree: Bachelor of Engineering
Major: Information Technology
CGPA: 8.01
Relevant Coursework: Applied Mathematics, Data Structures and Algorithms, Object-Oriented Programming, Database Management System, Internet Technologies, Web Programming, CGVR, Software Engineering, and Distributed Systems.

Wilson College
Jul 2013 — Mar 2015

Junior College
Major: Bifocal Science
Percentage: 88.31%
Relevant Coursework: Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistics, English, Physics, Chemistry

Work Experience Work Experience

May 2019 — Jul 2021
Software Engineer

- Pioneered and built custom in-house cloud instances (1000+ ESXI and 3000+ Mac Mini) that reduced the unit cost by 70%.
- Built Virtual Private Network using Juniper Firewall, which improved security by reducing the DDOS attack surface.
- Implemented Linked Clone architecture that reduced the storage requirement of Windows Virtual machines up to 90%.
- Developed a Real-Time Inventory Management System with reporting and alerting, which tracked the live machine status.
- Designed and developed canary deployment to analyze L0 and L1 metrics for rolling out Beta builds to production.
- Automated the addition of new browser releases to production terminals that reduced the SLA by two days.

Dec 2018 — Jan 2019
Software Developer Intern

- Integrated different Microservices using Remote Procedure Calls (gRPC) to establish inter-communication.
- Restructured the old code base of the primary website from ASP to MVC architecture.


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